Will you travel for my wedding?

We are based in Ottawa Canada and will travel internationally. Please contact us for travel pricing.

What camera gear do you use? 

We use a combination of Sony and Canon professional cameras and lenses including backups. We like to shoot unobtrusively with natural light although this isn’t always possible but we use the best equipment possible so we get the the best footage possible while keeping the natural ambiance of your location.

How many people film on a wedding day? 

We never film a wedding day with less then two people. We strive to cover as much as the day as possible and that isn’t possible while shooting solo. For large weddings we suggest choose our extra third shooter option.

How do you deliver the final films? 

The final films are delivered on a flash drive in HD format. DVD and Blu-Ray options are available as well.

Do you offer raw footage? 

RAW footage is available to purchase for archival and personal use. We hope that you hire us because you like the look of our films and in that trust us with the edit of your films as there are countless ways to edit. Raw footage is ugly, lengthy and requires a lot of time and dedication to put together into a complete edit.

Do you choose the music or do we? 

Generally we try and gathering an idea of the music to use by the feeling as well as the music that is played on your wedding day. We are always open to suggestions for music that best suits you as a couple.

How soon do we get our films after the wedding? 

We try and deliver films as quickly as possible and we keep our total wedding numbers to a minimum. You should expect your short film in 4-6 weeks and long film in 8-10 months.