Marissa and Zach

January 4, 2018

Simran and Doug

January 3, 2018

Alex and Nish

August 18, 2016


"Watching our films back brought us smiles, tears and laughter; reminding us of moments we had forgotten and giving us a glimpse into what our guests and loved ones experienced that day. They were everywhere, but never in the way; catching every element of our wedding, but never imposing their presence" -Veronica and Andrew

"I just saw the wedding video - and it's absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!!" - Janesca and Lorcan

"We love it!! You captured our day beautifully! There's so much in that short clip!" - Susie and Jay

"You captured the day beautifully. I love the combo of music and voiceovers. Truly the highlights. It's just absolutely perfect. I was so impressed by the veil shot you got - what an amazing angle. The dancing with Nonna, our families and friends. The decor?! I didn't even see the decor on the day! I am so happy!!" -Patricia and Taylor

"I cried more watching this than I did at the wedding, wow!" -Kizia and Patrick