Natasha and Fanny were married on a chilly fall day at the Club de Golf Gatineau. I say chilly, but I mean cold, very very cold. It was actually considerably warmer on Christmas Eve then it was on this Sunday at the end of October. It was Natasha and Fanny’s dream to have an outdoor fall wedding and nothing stood in their way. The leaves had just finished changing in the Gatineau hills but there was just a few left to the setting even more beautiful.

Natasha and Fanny are sporty outdoor girls with a huge love of hockey and they infused a lot of this into their day. From the hockey stick arches for the recessional to the hockey towel kissing game and wedding favours the day was uniquely theirs. There was a fantastic mix of french and english throughout the day which again was distinctly them.

Photographer: Phillipa Maitland Photography –



Main photo by Phillipa Maitland Photography